Our swim lessons have saved over 25,000 lives in one of the most effective swim programs in the South Florida area!

Happy swimmers at the Swim Academy
Happy Students at the Pool

The Swim Academy is filled with happy, confident children who want to learn to swim. The Swim Academy’s unique learn to swim methods are nationally recognized for their success in water survival techniques and breakthrough swimming skills taught to infants and young children. Water safety is our #1 priority!

Whether you come to The Swim Academy for infant, pre-school, or school age swim lessons, your child will learn water safety skills that could one day save their lives.

baby girl learning to float
A Baby Girl Learning to Float


Remember our main focus is water safety. The Swim Academy’s lessons teach very young children the techniques to hold their breath, swim to the wall, pull themselves out of the water or float on their backs — teaching them to save themselves, and giving rescuers more time to reach them.

This is the standard in Water Safety training for children because it works!

Our experienced, certified, instructors see extraordinary progress in their students as a result of our unique swim lessons. In an atmosphere of patience and love, each child can learn to swim in addition to building self-esteem through repeated success. At The Swim Academy our unique, positive style of teaching keeps all our kids safe, swimming, and always smiling in the water!