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Baby & Me: These classes are designed to create a great bonding experience for both the parent and the child. This gentle introduction will positively influence your child’s relationship with the water throughout their lifetime. In this social group setting, an experienced instructor will teach you and your child how to be more comfortable in and around the water. This helps develop a foundation of skills necessary for swimming and water safety. Your child will learn the processes of: water exploration, motion, movement and play.

Toddlers (3:1) and Pre-K (4:1): This program is for beginning 3 or 4 years olds. These classes are uniquely designed for a child that is not afraid of the water, will readily put their face underwater and is beginning to learn to swim independently.

Groupers: (5:1) These classes are for children 5 years and older that are comfortable entering the water independently AND going under the water. In this level your child will learn to pop up and take a breath or float by themselves for safety.

Stroke Development Groups: Children who demonstrate more advance swimming skills will be placed in a more advanced swim level. Swimmers four years and older can participate in swim classes more specifically geared for their learning ability. These classes have no more than five students at the freestyle levels and no more than eight swimmers at the pre-swim team level. The school age groups are offered in five levels from freestyle through butterfly.

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Beginner: (Level 1) In this level we begin learning the basics of the freestyle, your child has mastered basic swimming and survival skills and can pop up and float by themselves and is now ready to begin learning proper “big arm” technique and breathing for the freestyle.

Advanced Beginner: (Level 2)In this level we have advanced from beginner freestyle and are now building into proper alternate side breathing and greater endurance of freestyle. Your child will also be introduced to the backstroke at this level.

Intermediate: (Level 3) At this level we are perfecting the freestyle and learning the coordination for the backstroke as well as increasing the endurance and proficiency of both of these stokes.

Pre-competitive: (Level 4): We will introduce the breaststroke and the butterfly kick in this group and your child will learn advanced skills and drills to prepare them to move onto a swim team or swim club.

Swim Team/Swim Club: (Level 5) click here

To determine if your child is ready for groups?: Contact the swim office nearest you to schedule a 5 minute no-cost evaluation with a swim instructor or swim coach.

Pricing information and class schedules for Group Lessons: click here

To register online for Group Lessons at any location: click here