Private Swim Lessons

Private Lessons Overview

Private lessons offer the instructor’s undivided attention and are often for fearful beginners or those not ready for a group setting.

Students can benefit from these personalized classes and non-traumatic methods so they may progress at their own pace. Focus is on positive reinforcement, gradual skill development and individual centered teaching which enhances accelerated learning.

Private Lessons range from Infant Classes to Adult Swimming and allow the most flexibility in scheduling.

Please note: All swimmers will receive a complimentary swim evaluation to ensure they are placed in the class that fits their level of comfort and development.

Individual Private Lessons – (1 Swimmer: 1 Swim Instructor) Costs $188 per month.

Semi-Private Lessons – (2 Swimmers :1 Swim Instructor) $125 each/per month. Semi-Privates are comprised of either a Parent & Me & a Swim Instructor or 2 Swimmers of a similar skill level and a Swim Instructor.

You do not need to contact us if you will be missing a lesson. We understand that children sometimes get sick in the middle of the day or unexpected delays keep you from attending your lessons. Read more

Levels Taught in Private Lessons

All Levels

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Semi-Private Lessons

Starting at

125 / month

Includes 1 class per week

Private Lessons

Starting at

188 / month

Includes 1 class per week

Sibling Discounts

Want to signup the entire family? No problem! Call us today to learn about sibling discounts.

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