What should we bring to the first class?

We provide all of the equipment required for swimming class, kickboards, teaching barbells, goggles (if needed) and learning toys. All you need to bring is:

o Swim diaper (if under the age of 3 – regardless of whether student is potty-trained)

o Swim suit & Towel

o Sunscreen

o Positive attitude and Enthusiasm

What if my child cries or doesn’t want to learn to swim?

Do not ask your child to make that type of choice. You, as the parent/guardian know what is best (i.e. you don’t ask if they want to go to the doctor, school, etc.) Swimming is a lifesaving skill and a very necessary one. With that in mind, our instructors are trained to deal with even the most fearful swimmer. Often times crying is not necessarily an indication of fear but rather a sign that your child is having difficulty adapting to a new situation, especially one where he or she is no longer in control of every outcome. Additionally, separation anxiety is a very real factor in your little ones development so only patience and practice will help them work through this. It may take some extra effort on your part, but the payoff is we will have them happy and swimming in no time!

13 month old Boca Raton baby in swim lessons
13 month old Boca Raton baby in swim lessons


Does my child need a swim diaper?

All students under the age of 3 are required to wear a swim diaper regardless of whether or not the student is potty-trained.


Should my child eat before a swim lesson?

We recommend you do not feed your child or give them milk or juice one hour before their swim lesson. If your child is frightened or cannot hold his or her breath, no eating 2-3 hours before is preferred. Nervous children often swallow lots of air and unfortunately (although we take all precautions to avoid this) sometimes they will swallow a bit of water which may cause a student to vomit up anything they have eaten prior to a lesson. That old wives tale about swimming after eating actually applies here: swimming on a full stomach may give your child stomach cramps.

What if my child does not like swimming lessons?

Swimming, like many activities, generates anxiety in some children. This anxiety may be most evident on the first day or two of lessons. As each week progresses, your child’s anxiety should be less and less evident. That’s why we schedule two or three times a week classes. Time, familiarity and consistency ease the anxiety. You can also help your child through this period by practicing at home and doing any “homework” assigned by your instructor. The opportunities to use the pool on “their terms” often helps and also remember play is a terrific teaching aid. Stick with it, Mom & Dad, this is an invaluable lifetime skill that you are giving your child.