Lisa  Kaplan M.D. June, 2006

As a physician I highly recommend researching any program for your child to find the best fit for you and your family. When it comes to swim lessons I chose safety over fun and The Swim Academy was actually the perfect combination of both. The program requires all new parents to observe a class before enrolling and warns that most young children do take a few lessons to adapt to the separation anxiety and get used to working with a stranger, but the instructors all handle this in a very patient and friendly way while still introducing the children to the swimming skills (yes mom’s that includes learning to take a breath and go under). We were there after all to learn to swim. My 16 month old son cried for 3.5 lessons. It was hard to trust that he would ever get past that, but on the fourth lesson he stopped crying and has been happy ever since. He now safely jumps in and floats, swims comfortably to the wall, pops up when he needs a breath, but mostly just plays safely near the steps at home.

Michael & Suzanne Thompkins August, 2007

This is the second time we have used The Weston Swim Academy for our children. Our 20 month old daugter just finished her second set of ten lessons and is swimming safely to the wall and rolling over and floating almost 100% by herself. Our son (now 4 is a fish) took lessons there two years ago. Our children had both been to pre-school so it was easier in the beginning for them to adjust to a new person but all of the instructors are professional and very reassuring to new swimmers. We highly recommend this wonderful program.

Zachary Ginsberg September, 2008

I learned to swim at the Boynton Swim Academy. My mom took me when I was a year old and I was very scared but the teachers were very nice and showed me how to take a breath and go under and get to the wall. I think my mom was holding her breath on the pool deck for those first few lessons too. Pretty soon though she was happy because I stopped crying after about three or four lessons and I was having fun swimming to the side and learning how to float on my back. This year I came back for a refresher class with Miss Gayle and in a few weeks I was jumping in and floating like a champ, I even started learning how to do my “big arms”. I can’t wait to go back next summer. Luv Zack (Olympics 2026)

Gregg Marconi, October 2009

5 STARS My children have been taking lessons at Boynton Swim Academy for over 2 years. My 4 year old son can do laps and even shows me up with his swimming. The teachers are wonderful and reallly care about the children and their safety. “The best swim school in town.” (from Facebook Reviews)

Marisa Vazquez Mason, May 2010 

Gayle, I am very thankful to you and Ashley for sharing your gift of teaching swim to my daughters.  Your whole staff has been nothing but pleasant with us beginning with my very first phone call. I see how far Celia and Lily have come from 2 months ago and it takes my breath away.  My eyes watered up seeing how well they did this week and thinking of the times that Celia went into pools like a lead weight and now she and Lily are just doing so great.  When they back float untouched I am at the edge of my seat and when you push them to swim further and to roll into their float or reach up high and grab onto that edge (and they RESIST but you persist) I am holding my breath and ever so anxious to see if they will be able to rise up to the great challenges…. And they do!!!  It is amazing!!  So thank you, thank you both.  Thank you for being kind and gentle and yet strong and determined and hey, for helping them learn to survive in the water.  I know we’re not 100% there yet but we are so much better than we were 2 months ago, so for that I am grateful.  Best regards, Marisa Vazquez Mason

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